Sunday, June 28, 2009

A bit behind...

Hey everyone! Sorry I havn't posted anything for so long! Just wanted to check in and thank everyone that has been posting since I'm obviously behind on the blogging scene lately! Summer is always like this for me -- I never seem to have the time to keep up w/all my blogging and internet loves! So bare w/me and I hope those that can and have been posting can keep it up since I can't!

I am still cooking my dinner's every night which makes me so happy but I wish I could post them b/c they have all been turning out so well but w/our situation at the lake and lack of loading pic's onto my computer kind of prohibits that. I might try to at least post a recipe w/out a picture if it's too good not to share!

Thanks again and I hope to be able to post soon but probably not back to normal until Summer is over!

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